Custom Flavoring Your Whipped Cream



Fresh homemade whipped cream can be deliciously paired with many beverages, breakfast foods and almost any dessert. Have you ever thought about flavoring your whipped cream? It can be just enough to complement the food/beverage or add in new flavors altogether. Either way you need to try it!

Here are some custom flavoring and whipped cream recipe ideas…

Hot chocolate? Why not peppermint flavored whipped cream on top?

Soy Vanilla Latte? Some hazelnut whipped cream would taste great!

Apple pancakes for breakfast? Try some caramel whipped goodness with that.

Banana-split for dessert? How about chocolate or raspberry whipped cream on top?

The possibilities are endless….

We have mentioned this before in a previous post but the syrups by Starbucks® are great in flavoring your whipped cream. They sell sugar-free options as well.


Use 8 pumps of syrup ( or 2.8 ounces total) for ½ liter whipped cream dispenser.

Double the syrup for 1 liter dispensers.

Click here for full recipe in making whipped cream.

If you like their classic whipped cream flavor, head over to your local Starbucks and pick up a bottle of their vanilla syrup for making your Starbucks copy-cat whipped cream right at home!

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