1 liter soda siphon

Red 1 Liter Soda Siphon w/ Free 10 pack of Co2 Soda Chargers


Product Description

Professional Whip-eez Aluminum 1 Liter Soda Siphon

Quality built, this Whip-eez aluminum 1 liter soda siphon is built tough to last.
A soda siphon makes carbonated water like seltzer- right at home! It’s easy and fun. Just fill the bottle with cold water, charge it, and that refreshing soda is ready to enjoy. It will stay fresh and fizzy in your refrigerator until you are ready to use it. A great benefit is that it does NOT go flat like store bought plastic bottles and cans do.

You control the ingredients you choose to add. Enjoy soda water by itself or mix it with flavored syrups or your own fruit juices to make a huge variety of carbonated drinks for your next party – club soda, wine spritzers, sparkling juices – be creative!

Make 1-liter (32 0z) of fresh soda per cartridge.

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Making sodas with Co2 cartridges and soda siphons is back in style. Whip-eez soda siphons withstand the pressure better and are more durable than their ancestors.

How to make soda water using Soda siphons & Co2 cartridges :

1. Fill chilled soda siphon 2/3 full with cold tap or spring water

2. Insert a Co2 cartridge into the Co2 cartridge holder

3. Screw Co2 cartridge holder onto the soda siphon and shake about 20 times

4. Chill for at least 1 hour to let the Co2 disperse in the bottle

5. Press handle on soda siphon to release your carbonated water

6. Add a dash of syrup or some fruit juice to make your own flavored sodas

See some recipies for uses of this Restaurant Quality Soda Siphon and Whip Cream Dispensers!

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Additional Information

Weight 3.1 lbs
Dimensions 14.25 x 4.25 x 4.25 in
  1. 5 out of 5


    I get many compliments when I have my red siphon sitting on the bar. Works great. I now need to order more chargers. I’m a satisfied customer.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I just bought one of these and love it! It performs well and is a good price. It looks stylish and impresses my friends. No problems or leaks and stays pressurized to the last drop. Simply put, this is a fun gizmo that is totally worth the money.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I looked for other ideas instead of buying sparkling water in plastic bottles. I did my research, bought this soda siphon and here are my thoughts. If you are expecting to get real fizzy water out of this, here are some secrets.

    You must refrigerate the bottle before adding cold water to it. It doesn’t work well if both the bottle and the water are not very cold.

    Pour ice-cold water into the ice-cold bottle. Co2 is absorbed better in very cold water. Screw on the Co2 charger until you hear a “whoosh”. Then shake the bottle at least 20 times, which takes about 15 seconds if you use both hands. This important step mixes up the gas and water to get a better fizz.

    Put your fully charged siphon into the fridge for 15-60 minutes before using. I’ve experimented with all different times. Beyond an hour, it doesn’t make any better seltzer, in my opinion.

    This takes about 2 minutes total and you will enjoy great seltzer water at a minimal price, at home, any time, without having to lug heavy water bottles from the store. Buy the Co2 cartridges in larger quantities like 100 and they’ll only cost like 45 cents each.

    This made excellent, high-quality carbonated water without chemicals.

    Probably the only complaint I now have about it is that I empty the bottle too quickly and I have to wait a while for another bottle to be ready.

    Totally worth the money.

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