How To Make Whipped Creamwendypogwizd

Making homemade whip cream with Whip-eez cream canisters is easy! Fill any size Dispenser slightly about half full with Heavy Whipping Cream. Add any flavoring you desire and sweetener at this time. Flavored syrups, Powdered Sugar or Splenda are best. Screw the head back on the dispenser and follow the steps below to learn how to use a cream charger.

Operating steps 2

Place whipped cream charger into the charger holder

Operating steps 3

Screw the holder onto the canister until the gas is released, then remove used charger:

Operating steps 4

Operating steps 5

Operating steps 6


Shake whipped cream dispenser vigorously a few times:
Usually till you stop hearing the cream shaking.

Operating steps 7

                                VERY IMPORTANT TO IMPROVE QUALITY AND SAVE N2O:

           While Dispensing be sure to HOLD THE DISPENSER  COMPLETELY UPSIDE DOWN!

              This will save N2O and improve the Quality. Squeeze the handle slowly to release 

                                                the best whip cream you have ever had! 

 Cleaning Instructions:

Cleaning and storage of the empty Whip-eez Professional Whipped Cream Dispensers.

1. Before opening, allow remaining pressure to escape by pressing the lever. Unscrew the head.
2. Thoroughly clean each individual component with a mild detergent.
3. Allow the parts to dry and store head and bottle separately.
4. Do not clean bottle, head and parts of any type of Whip-eez Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser in the dishwasher!
5. Do not clean any component of the Whip-eez Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser in boiling water