Guaranteed Quality! Certifications and Processes
The Whip-eez brand chargers are manufactured according to the DIN 32615 standard which is the only specific standard for 8 gram N2O chargers and CO2 chargers. The DIN 32615 not only details all geometric, material, filling and content specifications, but also regulates the fact that the production facilities have to be checked in every detail. A company with this certification process guarantees the highest quality food grade chargers.

All 8 gram N2O and CO2 chargers are cleaned twice during the manufacturing process. The final cleaning prior to filling is a wash with an environmentally friendly solvent to remove any oils and residue. All chargers are then dried with steam to avoid over heating and to sterilize.

All Whip-eez brand standard 8 gram chargers are filled and individually weighed according to the above standard. The factory which manufactures the Whip-eez brand chargers is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. By combining the TUV and ISO certification, you are assured of the finest-quality products available.

Due to the high standard of the ISO 9001 standards, each batch is inspected and a random test is performed by cutting chargers open for inner inspections.

The cartridges are filled to + or – .5 grams.

Upon completion of the filling process, all chargers are put into a high temperature (65 – 70˚ C) tumbling machine for leak testing. After this process all cartridges are stored for a minimum of 24 hours after which each cartridge is weighed to ensure the correct fill. Cartridges are then packed for shipping.