WZ-125 Stainless Steel Straight Decorating Tip


SKU: WZ 125


Push Valve Stainless Steel Decorating Tip

Material – 100% Stainless Steel

See image diagram below for relative part placement.

Stabilize whipped cream when decorating by using a stainless steel decorating nozzle! This tip is a great accessory for any cream whipper when decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more.

** note ** this part will fit ALL Whip-eez cream dispenser models and can be substituted for the plastic tip if desired.

Please Note: If you are buying this part for our new model dispenser or an ISI dispenser you will also need to purchase part WZ-120 base for tip with this straight tip.

Additional information

Weight .07 lbs
Dimensions 2.3 × .5 × .5 in

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