Rapid Infusion


There are different techniques that can be used to infuse a liquid with another ingredient. There is the traditional hot infusion technique, the traditional cold infusion technique, high pressure rapid infusion with a whipped cream dispenser, low temperature infusion with sous vide, and the vacuum chamber infusion.

All of these techniques involve using a solid ingredient with a liquid to infuse aroma and flavor. The amount of time it takes and the quality of the result depends on what technique, ingredient and liquid you use.

For example, the traditional cold infusion technique is usually used for infusing alcohol with lemon peel, although, you can use other liquids too. The problem with cold infusion is the amount of time it takes for this technique to work. It can take up to several weeks or even months for cold infusion to do its job.

The traditional hot infusion technique does work faster. In fact you can accomplish infusion in a few minutes since molecules move much faster at higher temperatures. The problem with hot infusion is because you are infusing these flavors in such a short amount of time with heat, the delicate flavors and aromas are usually damaged and lose their potency.

Using a vacuum chamber for infusion is effective, however the cost of equipment is very expensive and can still take longer than just a few minutes.

Using low temperature infusion with sous vide is effective, works faster than the traditional cold technique and protects the flavors and aromas by using controlled heat. However, sous vide machines still cost a min. of $300 and takes up to a few hours to obtain your desired results of infusion.

Which brings us to what we’re here to discuss. One of the most recent and effective techniques used for rapid infusion is accomplished using a whipped cream dispenser. This method enables you to infuse liquors, oils, syrups and other liquids in just the matter of seconds compared to the hours, days or even weeks it can take using other techniques. The cost of a Whip-eez cream dispenser ranges from $32.50 – $79.90. There is no heat involved so you can be sure the delicate aromas and flavors of whatever solid ingredient you use is preserved. You can also control the potency of the infused flavors to get your desired results by either decreasing or increasing the amount of time you let it sit.


The low cost, simplicity and the amount of time saved by using a Whip-eez whipped cream dispenser a no brainer. It’s no wonder this technique has been gaining so much popularity and becoming a trend for bars, restaurants and homeowners everywhere.

Infused liquors, oils and syrups make a great gift, as the holidays are right around the corner!

Directions For Instant Infusion Using Whip-eez Whipped Cream Dispenser:

  1. Place your solid ingredient with liquid in the dispenser and screw on dispenser head tightly.

  1. Charge your whipper with 1 n20 (nitrous oxide) charger (the same way as when you make whip cream).

  1. This is where you will play around with time to get your desired results. Waiting 1 minute before releasing the gas is a recommended place to start. Increase or decrease time accordingly. Keep in mind any cold ingredient will have a weaker infusion.

  1. “Swirl” your dispenser and release the pressure quickly by pressing the lever while keeping the dispenser in the upright position. (cup the nozzle while the dispenser is in the upright position to keep any liquid from escaping)

  1. Strain the infused liquid and enjoy!

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