Sparkling Berry Blend



Today I am using one of our Whip-eez brand Seltzer Bottles to make sparkling juice. This sparkling juice recipe is delicious and refreshing! There are endless varieties of flavors you can use. There are even different ways to make this with the same result. One way is to add the carbonated water to the concentrate in the serving glass, which is what I am demonstrating today. Another way is to place all ingredients in the Soda Siphon.

What you need:

Chilled Soda Siphon

1 Co2 Soda Charger

4 cups very cold water

12 oz. 100% Juice Berry Blend Frozen Concentrate


First, place frozen berry concentrate in the refrigerator to thaw. Then go ahead and screw off head of chilled soda siphon and take out the gasket and straw.


Next, fill siphon with 4 cups of very cold water, replace the gasket and straw and screw on soda siphon head back on tightly.


Now we will take our Co2 soda charger, place it in the holder and screw the holder into the siphon bottle until you hear the gas enter.


Shake vigorously at least 20 times. Remove holder with empty charger and replace with cap. Now, place the siphon in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour before serving. *This gives time for the water to absorb the Co2 *


Take thawed berry concentrate out of refrigerator and pour 3oz (Approximately ¼ of can) into serving glass


Finally, take the chilled soda siphon and dispense the seltzer water into glass with concentrate. Enjoy!


* TIP: When dispensing, depress level gently and direct the beverage toward the side of the glass keeping the soda siphon upright.



Thanks for reading! Click here for more soda siphon recipes and to get your Whip-eez Soda Siphon!

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