Italian Soda


italian soda

We love exploring new ways to use the soda siphon. This homemade Italian soda recipe is just one example of the numerous uses and beverages you can create with one!

For our Italian Soda in this recipe we used strawberry syrup. You may use whatever flavor you’d like!

How to Make Italian Soda


– 1 oz. of flavored syrup

– 8 oz. of carbonated water from the Whip-eez Soda Siphon


Follow instructions for preparing the carbonated water with the Whip-eez Soda Siphon here. Pour 1 oz. of flavored syrup into a 10 oz glass and then dispense the carbonated water over it.  You can top with whipped cream from your whip cream canister if you’d like!

* To make an Italian Cream Soda Float: Pour 1 oz. of half & half on top of your beverage before adding whip cream.

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